335 Pounds

One woman's journey from morbid obesity to health.

Junk and a Trunk

June4, 2016335lbs
No one ever looks at the elephant and says how it is too big.  Too gray.  Too saggy and wrinkled.  No one ever looks at the hanging folds of skin between the elephant's legs and says that it is a bad elephant.  Nope.  We proclaim its majestic essence.  We pay money to gawk and admire it with wonder.

A 335 pound middle-aged woman is different.  She is too big and too gray and too saggy and wrinkled.  She may have hanging folds of skin between her legs, and we say that makes her a bad woman.  No one proclaims her majestic essence or admires her with wonder.  

They are both beasts, but the elephant is some how more acceptable.  They are both considered huge and worthy of pause, but the elephant never questions its worth.  

Why can't I be an elephant, locked in the zoo?
Why can't my swaying udder, come with a moo?
Why can't I oink and have a tail with a curly-q?
Why am I, the fat woman, offensive to both me and you?

Why Some Posts Don’t Need Media

While a great image or video might get visitors to flock to your post, they can occasionally distract from the value its content. Consider what type of media to include and how it supports the text itself when creating a post.

Adding Value to Your Media

January 01, 2016By: Robin Dower
Occasionally it is best to show and tell! Providing a brief description of your media will help gain views while also providing value for those who may not be able to watch it at that time.
“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
Benjamin Franklin

Robin Dower

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